PUBG Mobile Season 6 Will Be Out On 19-25 March 2019 As The Season 5 Is About To End On 18/March/2019. New Outfits, New Weapons, New Skins, Are Being Added On Occasion Of Their 1 Year Anniversary & Also Because Of The New Season Formalities.

Talking about the fifth season of this popular game, it’s started on January 21 and about to end on March 19. The season is quite successful but now players don’t have enough time to get obtain royal pass missions if they wanted to be geared up for the upcoming complimentary UC credits.
Some sources even saying that the new update will bring Prime and Prime Plus membership system, which are expected for a long time. The new beta patch also shed some light on the new features such as:
  • Powerful new weapons like the G36C rifle which is seen in the Vikendi map.
  • New Dynamic Weather has been added to the Map of Miramar and Erangel.
  • The new version has some area fixed where Zombies are not allowed to enter.
  • Zombies are going to make a lot of trouble for you. Now, they can enter a weakened state from time to time during the match.
  • If you are fed up of Jeep and Bus in the map, a new vehicle has been added to the map named Tukshai.
As per the reports, these features were observed in the activity tab of the game’s code. Also, Daily Missions are found on the PUBG 0.11.5 beta version released on Monday. You will also see “I got supplies” is now pre-selected in the chat menu. We’ll also found out about a new PUBG song with season 6 launch.